Welcome to Public Mobile.

Follow these steps to get a Public Mobile SIM card :

  1. Check to see if your device will work on Public Mobile’s network at publicmobile.ca/compatible
  2. If your device will work on our network, choose the SIM card that fits your device. You can find a list of devices and SIM cards here
  3. Select the SIM card you need to get started with Public Mobile.
  4. Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen to start the checkout process.
  5. Fill in the required information to complete the process. Note - you'll only be allowed to check out with a maximum of 1 SIM card.
  6. We will ship your SIM card which should arrive within 3-7 days.
  7. When you receive your SIM card, visit activate.publicmobile.ca to set up you account and activate your phone.